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Remote Support

We now offer remote desktop support to both home and business users alike. No engineer is required to visit your home, or business. We use your existing Internet connection to connect to your computer. Payment for this service is pre-paid, and your card is processed through paypal. We use the very highest security to connect to your computer.

By following a few simple steps, we can take complete control of your PC and remotely view, diagnose and resolve any problems you may be experiencing. This approach is ideal for those who simply need a little help with their home computer. Most problems are dealt within 1 hour leaving you free to get on with more important things.

Our remote computer support is secure, fast, affordable and very effective.

Instructions for remote support sessions:

1. To get started, call Davar PC Repairs or click on the Skype button at the top of the page to request a remote support session, now to discuss your requirement.

2. If your requirements are suited to Remote Support, pay using the pay pal and then we will advise the time requires for the session.

3. You will then need to call us via Skype, telephone or email to get a file, for how to download Remote support software and after you finish download software you will need to quote your ID and PASSWORD this will allow us secure access to control of your machine we can support or fix your problem.